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Is your company doing all that it can to manage and minimize its premium tax liabilities?  Are you taking full advantage of premium tax credits that may be available to your company? Are past assessments being adequately recouped?  Are state-mandated surcharges being collected and reported properly?

The Lawson Firm can help your company to:

  • Uncover and analyze all credits, abatements and recoupments available to your company;
  • Qualify your company for available tax credits or abatements;
  • Redomesticate your company, or establish subsidiaries in low-tax jurisdictions, in order to reduce your company’s exposure to retaliatory and other taxes;
  • Establish a compliance program to ensure all tax, assessment and surcharge payment, collection and reporting requirements are met;
  • Assist your company with the purchase or sale of transferable tax credits; and
  • Defend state premium tax delinquency audits.

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