Report Notes Foreign Misappropriation and Counterfeiting Issues Remain

The U.S. Trade Representative recently released its 2017 “Special 301” Report, identifying a wide range of concerns with respect to cross-border intellectual property protection including:

  • ” reported inadequacies in trade secret protection in countries around the world, as well as an increasing incidence of trade secret misappropriation…; and
  • the continuing challenges of copyright piracy and the sale of counterfeit trademarked products on the Internet.”

The Report is used to focus on these and other issues, and as guidance in discussions with trading partners to improve the environment for intellectual property owners around the world.

The Lawson Firm assists companies in protecting their valuable intellectual property by providing, among other services, trade secret protection services to guard against misappropriation as well as registration of trademarks with customs authorities to help prevent the importation of counterfeit products.♦

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U.S. Trade Representative 2017 “Special 301” Report

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