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In order to effectively do business as an InsurTech, it is important to understand the insurance industry’s unique legal and regulatory framework. Nearly every aspect of the insurance business is regulated, including advertising, the offering of customer incentives, the handling of consumer data, consumer disclosure requirements, and revenue sharing, just to name a few. These regulations are complex, esoteric, and difficult to decipher. To make matters worse, insurance regulations on the same general subject often differ widely, both from one state to another and from one business line or product to another.

Scott Lawson has been an active leader in the InsurTech space, having worked with, and presented to, industry groups on various InsurTech topics. Scott uses his considerable industry experience to identify and assess relevant legal and regulatory risks for his InsurTech clients. He then works closely with them to craft sound, yet innovative solutions to effectively manage those risks and achieve critical business goals. 

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