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Despite NAIC efforts to achieve greater uniformity and simplicity, the process of obtaining or amending insurance company certificates of authority remains a complex and time-consuming one.  Whether your company is seeking to expand to new states, seeking additional lines of authority to write new products in states where it is currently licensed, or seeking to withdraw from unprofitable business lines, The Lawson Firm (TLF) can help your company achieve its goals faster, more efficiently, and at less overall cost and burden than is normally experienced by companies that choose to go it alone.  TLF can manage and help to expedite the application process from start to finish.  Specifically, TLF will:

  • Ensure that all state-specific filing requirements are met.
  • Professionally prepare all required forms and documents.
  • Coordinate the secure collection and transmission of all necessary company documents.
  • Coordinate all necessary background investigations and verifications.
  • Coordinate all necessary domiciliary state certifications.
  • Work diligently with state regulators to help ensure timely review and to resolve issues as they arise.
  • Provide you with regular progress reports.

Once your company is admitted in a state, TLF can also help your company to:

  • Develop state-compliant forms and procedures.
  • Develop and gain approval for state-compliant products.

“A very, very good value, from our perspective.  Top quality work product too.   Scott (Lawson) worked (our company licensing project) like a champ … we hope to have the opportunity to engage Scott for future projects when the time comes …”  

– General Counsel, national property & casualty insurance company.

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