Are Your Trade Secrets Safe?

Whether it is a customer list, a unique pricing method, a new and cutting-edge manufacturing process, a formula, a recipe, or some other closely guarded information about your business, your company’s trade secrets are among its most valuable assets. Believe it or not, the greatest threat to your company’s trade secrets are not from outside computer hackers or other external miscreants, but from your own employees and contractors.  When one of them leaves the company or takes on other outside projects, your trade secrets may be at risk; especially if their next stop is one of your competitors. Because employee mobility is on the rise, and because of the increasing ease with which critical business information may be captured and shared with others, companies today must use every means possible to protect their valuable trade secrets.

The Lawson Firm (TLF) has decades of experience helping companies maximize their trade secret protection efforts.  TLF will help your company identify risks to its critical trade secrets and put in place effective measures to protect them.  TLF trade secret protection services include:

  • Review of company policies and agreements (including employee non disclosure and non competition agreements) to ensure they provide maximum protection for your trade secrets;
  • Trade secret protection program audits, including implementation of corrective measures and best practices;
  • Ongoing training to support and reinforce the program; and
  • Misappropriation investigations.

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